Enterprise Information Management (EIM) has become a key imperative for most organizations.

Cintana Enterprise Information management offers dynamic combination of strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver information supporting key organizational processes through its entire lifecycle.

Cintana Technologies brings in strong experience in Information Management Systems and Enterprise Content Management along with its premium partnerships with leaders EIM OEM’s.

It’s not enough to “manage” content. The ability to access the correct version of a document or record is important. Content must be managed so that it is used to achieve business goals.

We offer

  • EIM Consulting
  • CMS Assessment
  • Content Migration

EIM Consulting services include:

Site Usability: Examine how well your layout, design, labeling and positioning are working and ensure they align with your objectives.

Cloud: Help in understanding your cost, options and planning a seamless and effective transition to the cloud.

CMS/WCM Assessment: Get expert assistance in defining and selecting a system that best suits your organization and needs.

Web Experience: Expertise on everything from overall vision to mobile to social strategy to requirements and technology to dynamic experiences and persona development.

WCM Health Check: Review your site’s performance alongside your business goals, and map out an action plan to ensure your website continues to meet mission critical needs.

Web Analytics & Intelligence: Get on track to leverage your analytics for actionable insights.

WCM assessment is centered on the below guiding phases:

Requirements Gathering — determine your most pressing needs and investigate Used cases and industry research.

Prioritize and Weight – Prioritize your list of requirements and weigh each one by level of importance.

Product Assessment — Evaluate potential WCM products by comparing your list of Requirements with different brand features.

Creating a Scorecard — Analyze product assessment and create scorecards evaluatingSpecific elements.

Evaluate External Variables — Consider and list all external variables that could affect your WCM selection.

Output of the assessment is WCM recommendation that aligns with your business goals and enables optimal productivity for your business.

EIM Migration

Companies have historically purchased EIM platforms to solve core challenges with collaboration, work-product management, back-end process automation and retention management. However, the shift to mobile, cloud and consumer technologies has motivated companies to find alternative applications that allows users to share seamlessly while providing a secure and compliant system of record.

We offer a unique combination of domain expertise, software tools and specialist teams to provide all the necessary end-to-end support for migrating your enterprise content management system – content, configurations and customizations.